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hye y'all. my name is nurshazrina. if u wanna know about me,just read my whole life story that is specially wrote by me to all of my peers out there. since i was child,i've been interested with make up and wedding dress planning design. it was my ambition. . totally my dream n i dreaming to be come true one day or maybe a soon:D to make up all of this story,i want to tell u about the person that i've interested to be;someone who is really gorgeous for me. she's working as a SAL IMAGE BRIDAL make up at batu pahat JALAN SULTANAH. mostly all of her aisle n her make up is very beautiful compare to the others. last but not least,all of my friend has call me rina or shazrina. so do call me like that n lastly just read my whole story n your comment really appreciated.:)

Monday, 31 October 2011

b besday


SEGAL LAH PUNYA .....aku mintak tulis name
tpi  die xtulis pon :( kecik gilaa hati .. hihihi .. 
hmm aku bru pas siang ayam .. ayo tgn sampai bau da haha .. 
esok pgi kene gi umah daus ... sbb aku nak masak.,.
 kite masak nasi ayam okey... xtu lagh siap pkul bpe...
 huhu nnti aku masukkan gmbr esok k.. hope b hapy :) n kwn2 dia n fmly :)
 wekk :PPPP