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hye y'all. my name is nurshazrina. if u wanna know about me,just read my whole life story that is specially wrote by me to all of my peers out there. since i was child,i've been interested with make up and wedding dress planning design. it was my ambition. . totally my dream n i dreaming to be come true one day or maybe a soon:D to make up all of this story,i want to tell u about the person that i've interested to be;someone who is really gorgeous for me. she's working as a SAL IMAGE BRIDAL make up at batu pahat JALAN SULTANAH. mostly all of her aisle n her make up is very beautiful compare to the others. last but not least,all of my friend has call me rina or shazrina. so do call me like that n lastly just read my whole story n your comment really appreciated.:)

Monday, 31 October 2011

new blog! bebyrin

hai korang .. ape citer ...???
hihi aku baru buat blog baru thanks kart org yg tlg ajar aku ...
 ( hazimDotchoc ) ( azeyqa aqisha ) DLL ..
hehehe klau dorg xajar aku xpndai wat lol.. thanks sgt key :) ..
 next time lau aku ade crite aku shishishi share kat korang k :)
 k byee :)